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There are a multitude of options for customizing your wardrobe.

But with such a large selection, it's easy to lose track. How can you combine functionality and aesthetics? 

We have the solution for that! We sit down with our customers and design a cupboard individually according to your wishes.

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Bring rest and relaxation into the bedroom

Swiss stone pine

It is important for the mind and heart to take a break from time to time. But even in the evenings in bed we usually don't find any rest in the stress of everyday life. The thoughts are constantly circling around where even the sleeping pill is no longer effective. If you want to find peace in a natural way, you should rely on stone pine. The senses are soothed by the unobtrusive scent of the stone pine and the mind is relaxed. It is reminiscent of soft moss and green forests. In addition, a study showed that stone pine strengthens the circulation and significantly reduces the heart rate. This natural material enables us, whether as a bed, bedside table or wardrobe, to generate energy while sleeping and to start the day with full energy.

smart solutions for little space


This closet not only offers space for clothes and ironing boards, but it also includes a folding table that can be used for work, sewing or guests for their morning coffee.

The built-in lights provide enough light for the upcoming work. When you are done with everything you can simply slide the table back in and the space will expand again.

So you have a space-saving opportunity to pursue your activities.

All cabinets can be customized.

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Wohnzimmerschrank offen

Living room cabinet

enough space for all your books

This cabinet not only looks beautiful, but also functional! It was made to measure to frame the round window on the wall. The drawers are cut deep and at the same time offer seating.  

The bodies also offer space for CDs or even more books and can be moved to the right or left as the user likes.

something different

Eye catcher

Not just a pure cupboard to store your files, but a real eye-catcher! This closet offers enough space for files as well as to present your favorites to the customers.  

In addition, the compartments can be designed as lockable, pull-out, illuminated, as a flap, as a drawer or even as a showcase.  

With the right wood, the yellow melts into one unit and brings brightness and calm to the room.

All cabinets can be customized.