Raumteiler Innenarchitektur

Room divider

An open, large room looks spacious, but it also brings problems. Because the sound can propagate throughout the room and the sounds are superimposed in the room. 

A partition wall, in turn, robs the room of its generosity. The solution is a room divider that not only offers acoustic protection, but also storage options as well as an aesthetic point in the room and thus binds it.

This can be designed individually according to the customer's wishes. 

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Achieving various effects


The room divider offers a lot of storage options. It looks simple and elegant.  

The many openings allow daylight to illuminate the length of the entire room. In addition, they offer acoustic protection through the glazing.

Depending on the use, the bodies can be open, closed, or used as a flap or drawer.

In addition, the room divider offers a certain level of privacy so that you do not fall directly into the room.

Achieving various effects


The room divider that goes up to the ceiling is a real eye-catcher. Due to the filigree intermediate parts, it does not look like a wall, but the bodies seem to float.  

Here, too, the generously glazed openings offer acoustic protection.  

In the evening, the room divider is accentuated by subtle lighting.

Raumteiler Innenarchitektur