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What is good 

Interior design?

We dream big! Our interior design is based on empathy and creativity. Good organization and a transparent overview of costs are a prerequisite for trusting cooperation with our customers. Many customers believe that what you dream of is not possible with your budget. But we dream big and try to realize the dream step by step. That is why we design everything for you from scratch and then go into the concepts that can be implemented in the course of project development.


Interior design is more
as a furniture purchase

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Carola Augustin

For us, interior design includes space allocation, funriture design, kitchen planning, bathroom planning and light planning. We develop individual color concepts that go beyond the current trend. The acoustics in the room are also taken into account and improved by introducing material elements. Office furnishings from the executive office to the open-plan office, from home office to workspace, doctor's office and physio practice. Private rooms from mini houses to town villas, one-room apartments to penthouses and maisonettes. In our planning, we pay attention to the use of healthy materials in the room. If necessary, we also carry out building biology studies and draw up renovation plans. We work closely with allergists from the UKE in order to be able to offer our customers a better quality of life. In addition, we can carry out a complete Feng Shui analysis individually for your premises.

Privaträume Innenarchitektur

private spaces


Büroräume Innenarchitektur

office space


Praxen Innenarchitektur


medical office


There is not just that 

one style

Whether Art Nouveau, Baroque, Classic or Modern - we combine versatile. Because if we only find one style in a room, it can quickly appear too overwhelming or, on the other hand, too simple. It is especially exciting when unusual furniture, such as a chest of drawers from the Baroque period, sets accents in the room. Because such an eye-catcher creates an exciting interplay and makes the room unique.

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service & benefits

Stilberatung Hamburg

Interior design with style

style consultation

Leistungen Innenarchitektur

personalized attention

how do we proceed? 

Feng Shui-Beratung Hamburg

beauty to measure

Feng Shui consultation 


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